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Mohammed Saleem’s Interview with Danish Manzoor of IBT

When most people go the extra mile to find their dream job and settle down to a peaceful life, Mohammed Saleem dared to be the lamb who entered the lion’s den! As the Chief Executive Officer of international B2B events company, Trescon, Saleem’s journey is remarkable as well as a monument to his will to never back down.

Prior to Trescon, Saleem served as the General Manager and Director for a French-based business information company, across the Middle Easter Region. During his tenure, Saleem worked alongside with different MNC’s and Fortune500 companies, as well as governmental organisation across the globe. The experience in handling complex operations made him the dynamic personality he is today.

In an exclusive interview for the International Business Times (IBT) with Danish Manzoor, Executive Editor of IBT India, Saleem let the cat out of the bag as to what prompted him to create ‘Trescon’ and why he thought it was a good idea to go up against bigger and more formidable opponents within the industry!

In the beginning of the interview, Danish went straight to the point and asked Saleem what prompted him to start ‘Trescon’.

Saleem didn’t hesitate for a second, as he was accustomed to the question he receives on a regular basis. He started off by explaining that ‘Trescon’ had to stand tall amongst all its competitors as it possessed an advisory board which had a combined experience of 60 years. This set the expectations high, and the team had to deliver! Saleem stressed on the fact that he wanted to put together world-class business-to-business (B2B) platforms which will stand apart from other ordinary exhibitions and conferences.

And as an interjection, Danish Manzoor asked how ‘Trescon’ had made its mark in the industry.

Saleem imbibed the question and strategically placed Trescon’s achievements in chronological order. Saleem spoke about how Trescon took it upon itself to host Asia’s largest startup expo, ‘World Startup Expo’, which was conducted in Bengaluru between November 21 and 23, 2016. The event was a massive success with 7000+ participants and 250+ investors, from more than 20 countries, attending it.

And then as a hammer on the nail, Danish went straight to the point by asking Mohammed Saleem as to why had chosen the ‘Blockchain Technology’ sphere?

With enthusiasm, Saleem explained why he chose the blockchain realm. He stated that blockchain technology was a niche industry. It hadn’t garnered the traction as opposed to the revolutionary ideologies it possessed. Before summits like the ‘Blockchain Business Conference (BBC)’ and ‘World Blockchain Summit (WBS)’ series, experts gathered in conferences akin to luncheons and held discussions.

Saleem felt the technology needed more than just coffee sessions and hence, the World Blockchain Summit Series was born.

Danish, to further dissect the discussion, questioned Saleem as to how impactful these summits were and the level of involvement the governments had in them.

Saleem responded with a resounding barrage of names and statistics. He mentioned how an MOU was signed between VISA and the government of Andhra Pradesh, where VISA pledged to turn the city of Vizag into a cashless economy. Thomson Reuters signed a MOU to create an ‘Innovative App Studio’ in Gitam University, Hyderabad.

Saleem further added how the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai explored the city’s ‘Vision 2030’ plan and how they hope to implement blockchain across the nation to effect land transaction without fraudulent scenarios.

As a sort of a closing note, Danish asked Mohammed Saleem about the upcoming events in the company’s pipeline and which all governmental organisations are endorsing them.

Saleem conclusively spoke about how the governments of Kenya and Russia are keen on implementing blockchain technology across various industries and sectors as well internal and inter-governmental entities. Like how the ‘Smart Dubai’ and ‘Dubai Economy’ initiatives, as well as the Dubai Government, got involved with the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, the World Blockchain Summit in Moscow has partnered with the governmental organisation of FinTech Russia, RACIB (Russian Association for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain) and the IDACB (International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain).

Mohammed Saleem concluded the interview by saying that the involvement of these governmental organisations stand testament to the degree of eagerness these very governments possess to implement the technology across different key sectors and verticals. And also, as a matter of fact, governments of certain countries like Russia and Kenya have already begun research, development and the wide-scale implementation of the technology.



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